Commissions, John Grandfield fine art

To Commision a painting

Just let me know what type of view you would like, the "Thank you pages" are handy for ideas on different subjects. In many cases I have archives of photos from the same day as those paintings , good for unique but similar work.

OR I can work from your photos of natural landscapes.

Then choose a size.

let me know if you want one of my frames.

Plan on a deposit of 20% for work to begin.

Please allow 7 - 8 weeks for work to be completed on average sized paintings...up to 24x36

For larger work I usually have your painting ready in 8 -12 weeks, please inquire for the details.

For very large work (OVER 5 foot on a side, monthly draws may be required or a larger deposit (Non-refundable) (with progress reports) time frame may vary.

Thank you !

Inquiries, questions and comments.....E.mail

To find out more or purchase.... please email

Thank You Pages

Sizes & Prices