The Theatre

In the grand Theater

Sitting with friends

In the crowd

Some wait quietly

Others jump and shout

We wait for the show

In God's Theater


The show begins

Things appear

Out of nothing

They are real

Changing from one state

To another

At the good parts

People rush the stage

In amazement

Stopping the show

Only for a moment


An unseen voice

Narrates the


I pay attention

When god talks


Flying rings


Something for nothing

In god's Theater


Then leaving

On a journey

To a mountain top



With the Magic One


To talk

About different creatures

And relationships

With the world

He explains

That if you gave

The neighbors dog

Nuclear weapons

He might use them

I laugh


We walk back

Down the mountain

To the Theater

I fly the last stretch

To show off


Back inside

The same people

And friends


In former lives


They know me

But not so clearly

I'm still me


The show begins again

But it has changed

To conform

To those days

Those beliefs

To be understood

By the crowd


In God's Theater

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