Probable Me, Probable You

probable things

that we just might do


At the Crossroads

both ways look good

do as you want

do as you should


Probable You, Probable Me

one way for the other

another for me


The Way Not Taken

Is Taken for You

The Crossroad is Seamless

leading to Others

with stories for you


Probable Laughter, Probable Tears

probable lives

over probable years


Sit at Possible Tables on Probable Chairs

built by alternate carpenters

with alternate glue

so many choices

strange, but it's true


Alternate Husbands, Probable Wives

drinking drinks strange and mellow

during alternate lives


Sing Songs Slightly Different

tell tales very strange

at different places

somewhat rearranged


Probable Me, Probable You

probable Things

that we just might do

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